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Moonew Tareybhir Enriched Composting and Vermicomposting Cluster is located in west district under the Daramdin Block Administrative Centre and Village of Rumbuk Gram Panchayat Unit i.e. ward number 01 to 06. Rumbuk is around 116 km from Gangtok and 31 km from nearest city Jarethang which is well accessible by Soreng-Sombaria State Highway. The cluster is mainly concentrated within 2 km radius of cluster.

Providing Livelihood Opportunities

Focused products of our production are Enriched Compost/Vermicompost and Vermiwash.
Organize farm-households

Families Engaged in organic farming and connected activities.

We enable farming families to process, package and label and sell enriched vermicompost.

Our work

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