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Moonew Tareybhir SFURTI Enriched Composting and Vermicomposting Cluster.

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Ram Narayan Sharma


Chandra Bahadur Baraily

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Our Team

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Vermicompost is made of organic materials from sorrowing. You can use a compost bin or a home composting system or a larger unit.  The earthworms will eat organic matter and produce castings, which are beneficial bacteria and fungi. The compost will add nutrients to your soil, and the worms will help suppress plant disease.

The pH level of vermicompost varies from alkaline to neutral. A pH greater than 8.5 is harmful for the earthworms, while a pH of less than 8 is damaging for the microorganisms. Luckily, this issue does not arise with properly prepared vermicompost. 

Another benefit of vermicompost is that it produces organic fertilizer. You can use vermicompost on almost any type of plant. 

Start by adding a small quantity to the soil and increase it gradually based on how your plants respond. 

Agriculture & Horticulture Sector

Producer & Supplier

We believe in consumer satisfaction, the services and products provided are as per the expectations of our customers.

We believe in affordable pricing, keeping in my mind every rural farmers we set most affordable prices.  

We believe in bombinating Qualitative and quantitative research to achieve actionable insights for our development process.

We help rural farmers preparation for Organic farming System Planning  and assist with complicated regulatory issues.